How to setup 16x2 lcd on Arduino? Its not big issue ,read full blog and watch video at the end of content. It is hard to display data using serial monitor. So if you want to display data of Arduino or given text to 16x2 Char LCD .This tutorial will help you.

Required component  :

Approx Project Cost : 725/-(

Steps for project:

Step1 :

Then make connection as per this picture.

display data from arduino

Step2 :

copy the code from : Full Code  

Step3 :

install libary from : I2C Arduino Library

Step4 :

connect your board

Step5 :

hit upload code.

some important function of LCD library

  • lcd.init();                                //for lcd intialization
  • lcd.backlight();                     // for lcd backlight
  • lcd.setCursor(row,col);      // setting row(max 2) and col(max 16) for text
  • lcd.print("Text");                // for printing text in lcd
  • lcd.clear();                         // for clean text of lcd

Full Video Guide on Youtube