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Getting started Python on Google Cloud TPUs

As we all know that Now Days Python is growing faster in term of most loved programming language for Internet of things, Machine Learning , Data Science, Web application and AI.

Sometimes it is hard to setup python in local machine for fresher. Here i am explaining about how can u get started in python without installing it locally.

Just copy and paste this link to your browser or hit start from here

Start Python programming

Step: 1

It will show a login/signup in the right corner of the sign in if you know your google email/password or create new google identity.

Getting started Python on Google Cloud TPUs 1
python learning step1

Step: 2

Signup Using your credentials. Hit enter.

Getting started Python on Google Cloud TPUs 2


A getting started screen will ask you to choose what to do. simply hit right bottom as python3 notebook.

Congratulations your  python3 notebook is ready to serve python envoirnment from Google Cloud TPUs.

Type your python program in cell and hit ctrl+enter to RUN.
Getting started Python on Google Cloud TPUs 3

You can add text/code and save it for future uses like google docs and sheet.
run and save python
 Congratulation for your first python program running successfully on google cloud tpu.
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