The IoT Training by IoT Webplanet is a 6-weeks training program in the field of electronics, web applications and autonomous control of devices over the internet. This training will give you extensive insight to the world of Internet of Things. As you progress through the training you will work on the following projects:

● Environment monitoring system which can sense the light intensity in a room and also plot it

● in the form of a graph.

● Temperature monitoring and visualization of an environment.

● Web-based monitoring system

● Sensor data based trigger

● Smart alerts

You may choose your own problem statement for the projects, for which we will provide support. However, detailed solutions will only be provided for problem statements defined by us.

Following are the details of the training:

  • Introduction of IoT.
  • Advantage & Disadvantage of IoT.
  • Application of IoT.
  • Introduction to Electronics Components:
  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • Inductor
  • Diode
  • Transistor
  • IC
  • Introduction to Micro-Controller.
  • History of Micro-Controller.
  • What is ESP8266?
  • Basic C Programming
  • Introduction to NodeMCU Micro-Controller.
  • Features of NodeMCU.
  • Pin Configuration of NodeMCU.
  • Output Registers of NodeMCU.
  • Interfacing of LED with NodeMCU.
  • Input Registers of NodeMCU.
  • Interfacing of Switches with NodeMCU.
  • Introduction to Sensor
  • Work with DHT11 ,DHT22, LM35 and Dallas Temp Sensor
  • Work with MQ-2,MQ-3 and other gas sensor.
  • Pin Configuration of LCD SPI and I2C.
  • Interfacing of LCD with NodeMCU.
  • Commands used to display character on LCD using NodeMCU.
  • Commands used to display name on LCD using NodeMCU.
  • Introduction to HTML.
  • Introduction to CSS & JS.
  • Webservices
  • Json
  • Rest
  • Introduction to Wi-Fi Module ESP8266.
  • Connecting Wi-Fi module through a router or modem.
  • Hosting webpage through NodeMCU using Wi-Fi module.
  • ESP Modes
  • Static IP
  • Hotspot
  • Home Automation with ESP8266
  • Facebook Like Counter
  • IOT Weather Station
  • IOT Display
  • Push Sensor Data to Cloud based project.
  • Fetch Cloud Data using ESP8266
  • Smart Led bulb
  • Smart Dustbin with webpage.

7000//- for Six Week for individual.

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6000//- for Six Week for individual.

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5000//- for Six Week for individual.


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