5K Trimmer Potentiometer

5K Trimmer Potentiometer

5K Trimmer Potentiometer


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5K Trimmer Potentiometer

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5K Trimmer Potentiometer

5K Trimmer Potentiometer used for DIY project.

5k ohm Trimpot RM065 Package is a type of variable resistor, It can be easily mounted on PCB and adjusted using screw driver.

A general purpose board mountable preset also called by others names like potentiometers, trimpots, etc but is basically just a variable resistor.

Trimmer/Trimpots is a high accuracy variable resistor and PCB mountable with 3 terminal pins. The voltage between the terminal varies as the trimpot is rotated. The Variable resistors are used for variating voltage as per the need in a circuit. The outer two pins are connected to VCC and 0V, and center pin outputs a variable voltage between 0v and VCC as the rotary cermet is rotated.  This potentiometer has a single turn, which can be used to preset a value.


  • Model Type :                     RM065 Package
  • Resistance Value :             5k ohm
  • Resistance Tolerance :        5%


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