L SHAPE 2.54mm Pitch Male Berg Strip

L SHAPE 2.54mm Pitch Male Berg Strip


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2.54mm Pitch Male Berg Strip

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L SHAPE 2.54mm Pitch Male Berg Strip

This 1×40 Pin Male Break Away Header Right angle has the industry standard spacing of 2.54mm and are designed for soldering directly into printed circuit boards (PCB). They are supplied Best for extension of pins of Microcontorllers and ICs

1×40 Right Angle Male Berg Strip connectors are made to fit. These are breakable to length.

Also, custom PCBs or general custom headers use these types of connectors.

These connectors are bent at a 90 angle, which is suitable for many applications where the connectors are many times like prototyping.


  1. Pins: 40
  2. Pin Spacing: 2.54mm
  3. Length of Strip: 100mm
  4. Pin Height: ~9mm.
  5. Weight: 15 gm.

Package Includes:

1 x 1×40 Pin 2.54mm Pitch Male Berg Strip (Right Angle) – Break Away Header

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