Capacitive touch dimmer

Capacitive touch dimmer

Capacitive touch dimmer


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Capacitive touch dimmer Constant pressure stepless dimming PWM control panel type LED dimmer switch module for Arduino

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Capacitive touch dimmer Constant pressure stepless dimming PWM control panel type LED dimmer switch module for Arduino

Touch dimmer module can achieve LED light touch switch control and brightness adjustment. It has the following features and benefits:
1. light intensity can be adjusted according to need, a wide range of options, easy operation.
2. be in the presence of media (such as glass, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, etc.) to achieve isolation protection case touch functionality and high security.
3. application voltage range, optionally between 2.4 ~ 4.5V.
4. application circuit is simple, few peripheral devices, easy processing and low cost.
5. anti-power interference and interference characteristics of a good phone. EFT can reach ± 2KV above; close, multi-angle cell phone interference,
Touch response sensitivity and reliability is not affected.
      6. Installation: no direct contact with the copper foil, may be separated by more than 3mm acrylic glass or plastic dimming.
   7. Usage: LED modules can be controlled, with lights and other products. Suitable for indoor table lamp, LED lighting dimmer, DIY lights dimming retrofit best accessories.
   8. Function: touch-line, the use of capacitive touch principle, namely the induction sensitive fingertips. The default is a switching function, dimming function with brightness memory slowly fades the LED touch stepless dimming function. When the lights brighten slowly, slowly dimmed lights, effectively avoiding eye irritation.
   9. Dimming mode: stepless PWM Dimming
   10. Wiring: PCB board (VCC, GND) power input, (LED +, LED-) is connected to the positive and negative grade LED lights (fingerprint) is connected to a touch area, but also wiring leads (note the wiring is not too long, outlet Available with a small copper after doing the sensing area), copper area recommendations about 2x3cm. Board comes copper foil module attached to the side of the housing side.
   11. Use
   light a) tap the touch (touch duration is less than 550ms), it can achieve control lights off. One-click touch, lights; again tap the touch, light off. Illumination lighting fixed initial luminance of 90% of the full brightness.

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