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CD 4051


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CD 4051

CD 4051 is an analog multiplexer and demultiplexer. It has very low OFF leakage current and low ON impedance. Over full voltage ranges, very low power is dissipated by CD-4051. CD-4051 is an eight (8) channel multiplexer and has three control input named as A, B and C. These inputs connect only 1 out of 8 channels to the output in order to obtain the desired output. Channel I/O terminals became outputs and common O/I become input terminals when CD 4051 is used as a demultiplexer. CD-4051 has a lot of amazing features e.g. binary address decoding on chip, break before make switching eliminates channel overlapping, wide ranges of analog signals as well digital signal levels. CD-4051 can be used in signal gating, analog to digital converter, digital to analog converter, analog and digital multiplexing and demultilplexing. The further detail about CD-4051 will be provided later in this article.

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