EasyMech ID-8mm Motor Coupling Hub small

EasyMech ID-8mm Motor Coupling Hub small


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EasyMech ID-8mm Motor Coupling Hub small

Since the EasyMech’s 100mm Double Aluminium Omni is the only wheel in the category of Omni Wheels which has pitch circle diameter(PCD) of 35mm, for that reason only we had to design this EasyMech ID-8mm Motor Coupling Hub (Small).

This EasyMech ID-8mm Motor Coupling Hub (Small) connects a motor having shaft diameter of 8mm to EasyMech 100mm Double Aluminium Omni Wheel.

They are having a high-quality hardened Mild Steel body which makes them more sturdy and durable than similar size aluminium coupling. Use of MS material makes them much heavy and increases the strength of coupling. These rigid couplings will keep backlash to a minimum since the coupling is one single piece.

EasyMech is a brand of Robu.in which designs, produces and supplies the different type of hubs or couplings, It also accepts the custom design suggestions from the customers starting from low quantity orders.

Compatible Motors having a shaft diameter of 8mm,


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