ESP Breakout Board

ESP Breakout Board

ESP Breakout Board


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ESP Breakout for DHT11

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ESP Breakout Board

ESP Breakout Board used for DIY project.

This is Adapter Breakout Board for ESP-32f ESP32 ESP-Wroom-32 Wireless Bluetooth Module. Adapter Board Pinboard Converter for ESP-32S ESP32S ESP32 Wireless WIFI Module 2.54mm. This is an adapter board for ESP-32S Wireless Module. It can be inserted to breadboard with Dupoint cable wire. Convenient to develop and debug.

This Adapter Board is suitable for ESP-32F module. ESP-32F Adapter Board minimum system needs only lead 4 lines to connect to USB serial adapter, TXD should be connected to TX, TXD should be connected to RX. Note: You must connect a 4,7K-20K pull-up resistor in the EN pin to 3.3V, we recommend 12K. According to the above description, power on after connecting the line and default operating mode, press IO0 button to get into download mode, and press the RESET button to download after you flash your code.

Features :

  1. For ESP32
  2. Onboard Reset button and flashing firmware button
  3. Includes the adapter board and male double row pins connectors (not soldered)
  4. WiFi board ESP32 not included

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