FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver

FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver

FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver


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FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver

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FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver. This is a great entry level radio for those just starting in the field of drones flying due to the ease of use of this product and an impressive list of features for a first-time radio. FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter is a 6-channel telemetry 2.4GHz transmitter that uses the reliable Automatic Hopping Digital System (AFHDS) and includes such features as digital trims, backlit LCD screen, and simple programming.

  1. Entry level 6 channel 2.4GHz radio with telemetry capability
  2. Dual Rate/Trims/Gear/Flap/Gyro Gain Adjust/Flight Mode/Throttle Hold/Hover Pitch Switches
  3. Easy to use Programming & Navigation Buttons
  4. Supports Heli/Standard Wing/Elevon/V-Tail
  5. 20 Model Memory
  6. 8 Character Model Name
  7. Trainer and charging ports
  8. Backlit LCD Screen displays real-time transmitter and receiver voltage
  9. 4 Stick Mode Selectable
  10. Mode 2
  11. Comes with receiver

FS-i6 Transmitter Specifications :
  1.  No. of Channels: 6 Channels
  2. Model Type: Glider/Heli/Airplane
  3. RF Range: 2.40-2.48GHz
  4. Bandwidth: 500KHz
  5. Band: 142
  6. RF Power: Less Than 20dBm
  7. 2.4ghz System: AFHDS 2A and AFHDS
  8. Code Type: GFSK
  9. Sensitivity: 1024
  10. Low Voltage Warning: less than 4.2V
  11. DSC Port: PS2;Output:PPM
  12. Charger Port: No
  13. ANT length: 26mm*2(dual antenna)
  14. Weight:463 gm
  15. Dimensions:
  16. Power: 6V (1.5AA x 4 Not Included)
  17. Display mode: Transflective STN positive type, 128*64 dot matrix VA73*39mm, white backlight.
  18. Size: 174 x 190 x 40 mm(LxWxH)
  19. On-line update: Yes
  20. Color: Black
  21. Certificate: CE0678,FCC
  22. Model Memories: 20
  23. Channel Order: Aileron-CH1, Elevator-CH2, Throttle-CH3, Rudder-CH4, Ch 5 & 6 open to assignment to other functions.

FS-iA6B Receiver Specifications :
  1. Channel: 6.
  2. Frequency Range: 2.4055–2.475 GHz.
  3. Band Width Number: 140
  4. Transmitting Power: ≤ 20 dBm.
  5. RF Receiver Sensitivity: 105 dBm.
  6. 2.4G Mode: The second generation of an enhanced version of the automatic FM digital system.
  7. Encoding: GFSK.
  8. Antenna Length : 2 x 26 mm (dual antenna).
  9. Input Power : 4.0 – 8.4 VDC (2A).
  10. Dimension : 47 x 26.2 x 15 mm
  11. Weight : 14.9 gm.
  12. Color: Black.
  13. i-Bus Interface: Yes
  14. Data Acquisition Interface: Yes
  15. Model Type : Airplane / Glider / Helicopter
  16. Compatible Transmitter: Compatible with FS-i4, FS-i6, FS-i10, FS-GT2E, FS-GT2G

Package Includes :

1 x FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter.
1 x FS-iA6B receiver
1 x User Manual BookLet

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