I2C Display Adaptor Module

I2C Display Adaptor Module

I2C Display Adaptor Module


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I2C Display Adaptor Module

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I2C Display Adaptor Module

1. Size: 41.5mm (length) * 19mm (width) * 15.3mm (H)

2. Weight: 5g

3.PCB Color: Black

4. Supply voltage: 2.5-6V

5. Support I2C protocol

6. The power control with backlight can be set via jumpers backlight power supply is connected. Plug jumper to connect the backlight, then unplug the jumper is off backlight power supply

7. The contrast can be adjusted by turning the blue potentiometer clockwise enhanced counterclockwise weakened. Potentiometer design on the front and the convenience of customers anytime, anywhere free adjustment

8. The module can cascade up to eight cascaded. / A1 / A2 modify the device address via short circuit A0. The default address is 0x27

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