IR Sensor Module

IR Sensor Module

IR Sensor Module


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Infrared Sensor Module for smart object detection make in india.

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This Infrared obstacle/object detection sensor is super easy to use. It comes with on board potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity. The output is digital signal so it is easy to interface with any microcontroller such as Arduino/Genuino UNO, Mega, Leornado, Zero, 101, even the Raspberry Pi or Raspberry Pi Zero. And of course it is also compatible with all other controller boards out there including CIKU, CT-UNO, CT-ARM, etc. This Infrared sensor offers simple, user friendly and fast obstacle detection via infrared reflection, it is non contact detection. As it is based on light reflection, the detection do vary with different surface. And any infrared source might also interfere the detection.

It comes in a pair of Infrared emitter and receiver at the front of module, whenever there is object blocking the infrared source, it reflects the infrared and the receiver get it and the signal go through a comparator circuit on board. And depending on the threshold that being adjusted, it will output logic LOW at output pin and the green LED will light up to indicate the detection. Turning the on board potentiometer clock wise will increase the sensitivity and further increase the detection range. Compatible with 5V or 3.3V power input.


Input Power: 3.3V or 5VDC.
3 pin interface which are OUT, GND and VCC:
OUT is digital output pin from sensor module, please connect to any digital input on your microcontroller. Will output logic LOW when object is detection.
GND is where you connect to your controller ground, or 0V.
VCC is the +ve supply, connect to either +3.3V or +5V.
Two LED indicators, one (Red) as power indicator, another(green) as object detection indicator.
Obstacle detection range: 2cm to 10cm
Adjustable sensitivity with on board potentiometer, this translate to adjustable detection range.
Detection angle: 35 degree
Small size makes it easy to assembly.
Single bit output.
Compatible with all types of microcontrollers.
Dimension: 3.1cm x 1.5cm

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