Male Berg Strip 5 Pack

Male Berg Strip 5 Pack

Male Berg Strip 5 Pack


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Male Berg Strip 5 Pack

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Male Berg Strip 5 Pack

This 1×40 Pin Male Break Away Header has the industry standard spacing of 2.54mm and are designed for soldering directly into printed circuit boards (PCB). They are supplied Best for extension of pins of Microcontorllers and ICs.

This 1×40 Berg Strip Male Connector is used with custom PCBs or general custom headers. This connector can be cut into the desired section.

This pin header is an ideal connector for the PCB board and integrated circuit used widely in the computer and breadboard. It has a pitch (distance between two pins) of 2.54


Features :

  1. Number of Pins: 40.
  2. Pin Spacing(pitch): 2.54 mm.
  3. Pin height: 6 mm.
  4. Square Posts.
  5. Stackable End to End and Side to side.
  6. It can be manually broken for the length needed.
  7. Standoffs allow cleaning of solder contaminants.

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