MAX GOLD 550 Micro Soldering Station

MAX GOLD 550 Micro Soldering Station


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MAX GOLD 550 Micro Soldering Station

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MAX GOLD 550 Micro Soldering Station


  1. Ideal for precision small jobs like SMT and micro-electronics.
  2. Element shaft is only 2.5mm thick with an isolated element.
  3. It can be set to high,medium or low with a continuously variable knob.
  4. Comes standard with an aluminium coated long life tip.
  5. Very popular amongst mobile repairers /sculpture of wax casting.
  6. Continuous rated (24 hours)
  7. Absolutely ESD safe and ideal for SMD/SMT work and rework
  8. Micro MCH heater for long life
  9. Easily replaceable as opposed to similar and cheaper products
  10. Premium grade long lasting fine needle bit included
  11. Cutting Edge Design SMPS power supply
  12. High-Grade Plastic Body Station and Iron
  13. Pre-Printed Set and Run Modes on station
  14. Easy Replaceable bits

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