MAX9812L Microphone sensor

MAX9812L Microphone sensor


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Microphone sensor

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MAX9812 is single/double microphone input, 20 db fixed gain amplifier. They have the package size is small, with a built-in low noise microphone bias, suitable for use in areas such as notebook computers, mobile phones, PDA and other portable audio device. The amplifier gain bandwidth product for 500 KHZ, output can reach full swing, with the industry’s top level of 100 db power supply rejection ratio, low THD + N (0.015%). Also has A series of power saving features: only 230 mu A supply current, integral shutoff mode power supply current and bias current can be combined to 100 na.

217 hz power supply rejection ratio of 100 db

A low of 0.015% in THD + N

MAX9812L/MAX9813L: 2.7 V to 3.6 V

MAX9812H/MAX9813H: 4.5 V to 5.5 V

A built-in low noise microphone bias source

MAX9812L/MAX9813L: 2.3 V

MAX9812H/MAX9813H: 4.0 V

100 na low power off mode

Full swing output

20 db fixed gain

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