Red Plastic Pulley

Red Plastic Pulley

Red Plastic Pulley


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Red Plastic Pulley

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Red Plastic Pulley

  • Net Weight: 11g
  • Main Color: Red
  • Fit Rubber Band Width: 4mm(0.16″)
  • Size: 29mm x 6mm/1.14″ x 0.24″(D*T)
  • Fit Shaft Dia: 4mm(0.16″)

This is a plastic pulley. These Plastic pulleys can be used to drive wheels or other pulleys with a belt.

This Plastic pulley is perfect for DIY Science Projects and Experiments. It comes with a 6mm shaft/bore which makes it compatible with our wide range of DC Motors, 6mm Shafts, Couplers, Gears, etc.

Package Content: 1 x  Pulley

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