Rotary Encoder

Rotary Encoder

Rotary Encoder


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The rotary encoder is the modern digital equivalent of the potentiometer. It is used over a wide range of applications because it is robust and because its rotation count is not limited.

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Rotary Encoder

This module features a rotational displacement encoder which outputs a series of pulses whenever the switch is rotated. It features two phase outputs (A and B), that can also be used to sense the direction of rotation and a special output signal Z which indicates the absolute zero position of the rotary switch.

This rotary encoder can be reset to its initial state, from 0 to start counting.

It can be used as a fancy potentiometer replacement for digital amplifiers and other similar applications, allowing you to use an unlimited number of turns, in contrast to the classical potentiometers.

Operating Voltage: 5 V
Circle Pulse Count: 20
Size: 32 x 28 x 19 mm

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