SMA Connector Female Straight

SMA Connector Female Straight

SMA Connector Female Straight


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SMA Connector Female Straight

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SMA Connector Female Straight

SMA Connector Female Straight used for DIY project.

These connectors are designed to provide compatibility with industry-grade 50 ohm and 75-ohm cables for longer operational life with gold and nickel plating for environmental protections.


  • Aerospace and Defense: Hand-held field Device and Instrumentation
  • Medical: Instrumentation
  • Commercial Vehicle: Bluetooth and GPS
  • Telecommunications: Wireless Base Stations, Cellular Mobile System
  • Data/Communications: Wifi, WiMAX
  • Industrial: Active and passive components, instrumentation, M2M Communications, Vehicle Tracking System



  1. SMA Connector,Female,Straight,PCB Connector,Plate Edge Mount,Copper,Gold Plating;
  2. Excellent electrical performance up to 18GHz with low reflection;
  3. Thread type coupling mechanism ensure small loss and high security in compact design;

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