TSOP1738 -Infrared Sensor

TSOP1738 -Infrared Sensor

TSOP1738 -Infrared Sensor


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TSOP1738 -Infrared Sensor

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TSOP1738 -Infrared Sensor

TSOP1738 -Infrared Sensor used for DIY project.


TSOP1738 IR Receiver is a miniaturized receiver for infrared remote control systems. TSOP1738 IR Receiver can detect any signal of 38 kHz (all remotes in India works on 38 kHz) and give output at pin 3 after processing it.

TSOP1738 sensor has 3 pins GND, Vcc and Signal. GND is connected to the ground and Vcc is connected to the positive terminal of the power supply. A 5V DC power supply is used to power up this sensor and it consumes 5mA while operating. Signal pin is an output and sequence generated according to the detected IR signal can be yielded from this pin. This sequence is served to the microcontroller for analysis and its recreation.

This sensor also includes a photodetector and preamplifier in one package and an internal filter for PCM frequency. Power consumption is very low. TSOP1738 IR Receiver provides improved immunity against ambient light.

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