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Safe Off Switch to Power Down Your Raspberry Pi

Some time it is hard to find solution for raspberry pi.This time we are solving issue : how to Power Down Your Raspberry Pi using GPIO.Step1:copy script from power_hold.pyStep2: sudo apt install python3-gpiozero#connect button GPIO 21 and GND#run below command to testpython3 power_hold.py# hold button(gpio21 and GND) for 2 second . your pi will be shutdown.If it is ok then power on your pi3 againStep3:Now execute your script ,when raspberry pi power on every time. sudo nano /etc/rc.local in rc.local file at the end [...]


Adding GPS tracking to your Raspberry Pi-based projects

Hi geeks some time it is hard to manage gps connection to Raspberry PI.dont worry we need following item needs for connectivityRaspberry pi 3 USB to TTL adapter (Prolific PL2303) Neo 6M-0-001 Ublox GPS ModuleStep:1Connect your GPS module to USB to TTL adapter(Tx and Rx cross connection Required dont get confused)GPS Module USB to TTL adapter5v 5vVCC 5vRx TxTx TxStep:2connect USB to TTL adaptor to raspberry pi and login to raspberry pi using putty or terminal.Step:3Now run following command to detect usb to ttl ls [...]