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What is Yii 2.0?

What is Yii 2.0?Yii is a high performance, component-based PHP framework for rapidly developing modern Web applications. The name Yii can be considered as the acronym for Yes It Is!. Yii 2 inherits the main spirit behind Yii for being a simple, fast and highly extensible PHP framework.Whether you are one developer building a fairly simple Web site, or a team of distributed developers building an extremely complex Web application, using Yii is like augmenting your development team with [...]


Yii2.0 Features

You can stay focused on the tasks specific to your business requirements, and let Yii provide an implementation strategy for all of the following:Active Record Supporting Relational MVC (Model View Controller) RBAC RESTful API Validators Security Helper Session Sessions storage in database AJAX-enabled widgets Cookie Caching CSRF Tokens for security DAO Error Handling Gii i18n support Multi-tier caching support Namespaces, Traits features available NoSQL databases support like mongoDB Pure OOP-based framework Query builders skinning and theming URL Manager