I. Acceptance Of Terms

By using IoTWebplanet.com you agree to all the terms on this page.

Cancellation and Returns
There is no option for a customer to cancel the order on their own once the payment has been made, You can get in touch with delivery team as soon as possible with your order number. As long as your order has not been processed, we can cancel the order and refund your amount. We will deduct the payment gateway and handling charges if you have used the online mode of payment for that order. It will take us a maximum of 1-2 business days to cancel the order. The same will be notified to you by email. Your entire order amount will be refunded within 6-10 working days

Order can not be cancelled once it has been shipped.


At IoTWebPlanet, we are committed to make your purchase experience as seamless and delightful as possible. We allows return of products for 5 days after delivery in all the following cases:

- All Product we sale only for experiments, research, Electronics Project, IoT demostration . NoT for Commercial and long time operation. We sent 100% ok/tested product from our side. Chat us for any issue.
- Product is defective, used, altered or seal of package is broken
- Physical damage to the box or to the product
- The packet was empty / some item or accessory was missing.
- Significantly different from the specifications given by the vendor (wrong size, colour or material related issues)

Please ensure that the product is in unused and in original condition, with the seal unbroken and includes everything from the package.

II. Description of Service

IoTWebplanet.com is a site where you can buy stuff and participate in an online community. Sometimes the site will break or otherwise be inaccessible, and this may happen without warning.

III. Registration

You can buy stuff as a guest but then won't have access to stuff people with regular accounts have, like posting comments or making wish lists. To use all site features you need to create a full account without violating the rights of others.

IV. Products and Content

The stuff we sell today may not be for sale tomorrow at the same price, or with the same specifications, or for sale at all. We do our best to portray our products accurately but can be wrong sometimes. You won't use anything you buy from us to break any laws.

V. User Conduct

You cannot use our site to harass people, post offensive stuff, or post spam. You can scrape us using APIs we provide, but don't try to slam our servers too hard or you'll be blocked.

VI. Third Party Links

We're not responsible for any links on our site that take you off our site. Look at the URL before you click, and click at your own risk.

VII. Shipping and Returns

We only ship stuff where we're legally allowed to ship stuff. We accept returns but not if you didn't read the manual and fried your board.

VIII. Disclaimers

Stuff you buy from us may break. Don't use it in a project where somebody's life or safety is on the line (don't hack your pacemaker)!

IX. Limitations of Liability

Use this site at your own risk. We're not liable if your computer gets screwed up somehow while you're using this site.

XII. Revision to the Terms

These terms may change, and if they do, those changes will appear here.

XIII. Choice of Law Jurisdiction

IOT WEBPLANET does business in Kanpur (UP). If you take us to trial for any reason it has to be in Kanpur court.

XVI. Termination

You or we may suspend or terminate your account or your use of the Site at any time, for any reason or for no reason. You are personally liable for any orders placed or charges incurred through your account prior to termination. We reserve the right to change, suspend, or discontinue all or any aspect of the Site at any time without notice.

XVII. Trade Marks and Logos

All brand logo(Arduino , Intel, Node, Raspberry Pi, Seeed) is a trademark of Reputed Company . All logos are trademarks used in the website belongs to their respective owners only.Some products images are collected from random search on internet.

You can be banned from this site. If you owe us money and get banned or you shut down your account you still owe us money.