Arduino Display Data using IIC LCD Module

How to setup 16x2 lcd on Arduino? Its not big issue ,read full blog and watch video at the end of content. It is hard to display data using serial monitor. So if you want to display data of Arduino or given text to 16x2 Char LCD .This tutorial will help you. Required component  :Arduino Uno Board x 1 IIC LCD /I2C LCD .   or   I2C Display Module + 16x2 Char LCD    x 1 M to F Jumper Wire  [...]

motion sensor tutorial

Arduino PIR Motion Sensor Tutorial

PIR modules have a 3-pin connection at the side or bottom. The pinout may vary between modules so triple-check the pinout! It's often silkscreened on right next to the connection (at least, ours is!) One pin will be ground, another will be signal and the final one will be power. Power is usually 3-5VDC input. When object comes in detecting area it will return 1 from output pin otherwise it return 0. The IR sensor itself is housed in a hermetically sealed metal can to [...]


Flutter and its Setup

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq4N0hgOWzU What is Flutter Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.Join MakerSpace KanpurWho is it for? Programmers Students and Teachers BeginnersSystem requirements for (Mac)Operating Systems: macOS (64-bit) Disk Space: 700 MB (does not include disk space for Xcode or Android Studio). Tools: Flutter depends on these command-line tools being available in your [...]


Yii2 Request Lifecycle

The following diagram describe how an application handles a request and response. You are also requested to scroll down to read the step..A user makes a request to the entry script web/index.php. The entry script loads the application configuration and creates an application instance to handle the request. The application resolves the requested route with the help of the request application component. The application creates a controller instance to handle the request. The controller creates an action instance and [...]