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What is Flutter in short?

Flutter is Cross-platform mobile development framework backed by google it has number of features. Developers are forced to choose between either building the same app multiple times for multiple operating systems, or to accept a lowest common denominator solution that trades native speed and accuracy for portability. With Flutter, we believe we have a solution that gives you the best of both worlds: hardware-accelerated graphics and UI, powered by native ARM code, targeting both popular mobile operating systems.

We think of the characteristics of Flutter along four dimensions:

  • build beautiful apps
  • Flutter is fast because Flutter code is powered by the Dart.
  • Flutter is productive. You can Bulid and test app in real time with hot reload.
  • Flutter is open sourced.
  • 2D animations that can be embedded directly into a Flutter app using Flare with code.
  • continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) tooling for Flutter by Nevercode.

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