What is Yii 2.0?

What is Yii 2.0?Yii is a high performance, component-based PHP framework for rapidly developing modern Web applications. The name Yii can be considered as the acronym for Yes It Is!. Yii 2 inherits the main spirit behind Yii for being a simple, fast and highly extensible PHP framework.Whether you are one developer building a fairly simple Web site, or a team of distributed developers building an extremely complex Web application, using Yii is like augmenting your development team with [...]


Yii2.0 Features

You can stay focused on the tasks specific to your business requirements, and let Yii provide an implementation strategy for all of the following:Active Record Supporting Relational MVC (Model View Controller) RBAC RESTful API Validators Security Helper Session Sessions storage in database AJAX-enabled widgets Cookie Caching CSRF Tokens for security DAO Error Handling Gii i18n support Multi-tier caching support Namespaces, Traits features available NoSQL databases support like mongoDB Pure OOP-based framework Query builders skinning and theming URL Manager


Installing Yii2.0

We can install Yii in two ways, using Composer or downloading an archive file. The former is the preferred way as it allows you to install new extensions or update Yii by running a single command.Step 1 Install via Composer(one time only) The installer will download composer for you and set up your PATH environment variable so you can simply call composer from any directory.Download and run Composer-Setup.exe – it will install the latest composer version whenever it is executed.and run following command php composer [...]


Yii2 Request Lifecycle

The following diagram describe how an application handles a request and response. You are also requested to scroll down to read the step..A user makes a request to the entry script web/index.php. The entry script loads the application configuration and creates an application instance to handle the request. The application resolves the requested route with the help of the request application component. The application creates a controller instance to handle the request. The controller creates an action instance and [...]


Yii2 with Netbeans

NetBeans IDE lets you quickly and easily develop Java desktop, mobile, and web applications, as well as HTML5 applications with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The IDE also provides a great set of tools for PHP  developers. It is free and open source and has a large community of users and developers around the world.      Download Now       must have JDK download